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Casoola casino launched in February 2020 and it is a casino that you must try. This robot-themed casino has everything that you ask for as a casino player. A generous welcome bonus for new players, many exciting and fun games. A broad selection of payment methods without any transaction fees and live support that is among the most professional in the business. On this page, you will learn what this casino is all about and how you can make the most out of it.

Use the welcome bonus wisely

Our first recommendation is to use the welcome bonus wisely. If the max bonus is, for example, £200, don´t just claim £100 in bonus. The bonus is really what makes it worth switching between casinos. When depositing more you usually get more free spins and other benefits. Truth told, the casino that not actually mathematically earn that much from you using the bonus. It depends on the wagering requirements for sure but the goal for them is that you should become a player that wants to play at their site in the long run. At Casoola casino you will get both a very generous welcome bonus and other bonuses as an existing player. Make sure to maximize your chance of winning by maximising the bonuses.

Talk to the Live Support for benefits

If you are a high roller and have played quite a lot. Do not hesitate to contact the live support and ask if there are any promotions that you can take part in. Usually, the support tries to fulfil your wishes to make your gambling experience at their casino better. At Casoola the live support is very friendly and experienced so they know exactly when you are eligible for an additional bonus. Remember to always be friendly. They, of course, can not hand over bonuses all the time. But it can be worth a try.



Use the most cost-efficient payment methods

Many players use their credit card for making deposits and withdrawals. Sometimes that can be the best choice but often it is not. If you are like us that you like to try many different casinos and are often making both deposits and withdrawals. Then you should look for an e-wallet. Maybe you are better off with Skrill, Ecopayz or something like that. At Casoola you have so many good options for making a deposit and withdrawal. The different methods all work smoot so it is a perfect opportunity to try a new payment method.

Play the most beneficial slots

If you just want to claim the bonus at Casoola and then move on to another casino. Then you should really think about which slots that you are playing at. For example, some slots have a return to player with over 98%. While other has as low as 80%. But you can not only look at the return to the player. You also have to look at the volatility. This means that you might win often but little or you win less but big. When claiming a bonus it is usually better to win often and little. What some players to is to start with a win less often but big and if they win big they move over to a win often but less money slot. In this way, they can clear the bonus terms and be able to make some money.

Read the Casoola Terms and Conditions in detail

Even though Casoola casino is one of the most trustworthy new-comers on the market it is still worth checking out the bonus terms and conditions. They are often changing so the best option is to check directly on the website. The three main things to look after is.

  1. Wagering Requirements – How many times do you need to wager the bonus money? Is it the same requirements on slots as on live casino games?
  2. Max bet and max winning – What is the max bet you can do with you bonus money and what is the max winning. Sometimes casinos have limits on this.
  3. Time frame – Often you have to use the bonus money with a week or so. Make sure you claim and clear your bonus within that time frame.

If you run into any problems or feel that you get addicted to gambling. Please make sure to contact any of the help organisations. The easiest way is to googling help with gamble addictions and you will find plenty of options. Just be aware that some people make ads for casino when Googling on gamble addiction. So make sure to look below the ads.

Casoola Casino Conclusion

To conclude this report about Casoola casino we like to repeat the most important steps. Use the bonus wisely, ask the support for benefits, use an effective payment option, play the best slots and read the bonus terms and conditions. If you are following these steps you will maximize your chances to win big at Casoola casino. For more advice check out our casino tips for each casino. Best of luck!

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