How the Coronavirus affects online gambling

The coronavirus affects most things in society, not least the gaming companies, which are already affected by reduced revenue. This applies primarily to the gaming companies that offer sports betting, as many sports events have or will be cancelled in the coming months. However, the casino industry is not affected as much, especially since the casino games do not depend on external events to be current.

A difficult time for sport betting sites

The number of sports events that can be wagered has suddenly decreased drastically. A solution to the viral crisis does not appear to be insight in the next month either, which means that all summer sports events will probably be postponed or postponed in the future. This is a dilemma for all the betting companies that offer sports betting, and of course, it creates problems in several ways. The range of games decreases, while the gaming companies’ revenues do not reach the expected goals at all.

However, we can expect an increase in e-sports, which can often be at least as exciting as classic sporting events. It is also conceivable that virtual sports betting will increase in popularity while players wait for the usual range of odds to recover.

coronavirus gambling

Large gaming companies are dropping in value

The stock listed gaming companies, such as William Hill and GVC, are heavily affected by the Coronavirus. The lack of sports events and the postponing of the EURO 2020 and the Olympics has sent the share prices to the cellar. Even if we have seen some recent recoveries it is highly unlikely when the social limitations and close-downs are going to end, why there is a risk that shares will drop even more. This is especially true for companies focusing on sports betting and that have betting shops. Casino operators seem to have had a softer fall so far, mainly due to the possibilities to still play casino.

Online casino rolls on as usual

When it comes to online casino sites and games, however, we will not see any major changes. The gaming companies have rather noticed a slight increase in the number of casino players, which is probably because those who would otherwise have bet on sports instead choose to spin on slots or maybe play a game of roulette.

Since the gaming industry is already digital, it is also easy for the gaming companies to let the employees work from home, and thus the sites can be run just as usual. Of course, the only games that can be affected are the live games that are broadcast live from land-based casinos or game studios around the world.

Live casino being affected but is still operating

The largest provider of live games, Evolution Gaming, has been subject to closing down studios in both Spain and Georgia due to the Coronavirus, but have noticed a greater demand for the games than usual. So far Evolution Gaming can offer the live casino from other parts of the world, but should their operations in Riga be affected by governmental limitations also Evolution Gaming will suffer from the virus spreading.

The gaming vendors are also planning to work as before, and so far none of the major development studios has announced any delays in their upcoming launches. Their work can largely be done remotely, which means that the gaming companies will be getting new titles just as usual in the coming months.


How to be a Casino PRO Player

People are not born with the innate abilities to do certain things, they pick up special skill sets along the way and here is a great piece on how you can be a pro casino player.

There is no gainsaying that playing in a casino requires some special skill sets. While it is recognized that there is competitiveness in the game, it is unarguable that the amount of riches that can be harnessed from mastering the art of playing games could really be second to none. Whether it be Slots, Poker, Blackjack or Roulette, there are tons of players who have learned the art and mastering the way to play the game.

becoming a casino pro

Of course, anyone can take their positions at the table and play the game, this article intends to show you how the best of the best have successfully, with intelligence and confidence obtain the best results. So here are tips on how you too can become a casino pro:

  • Confidence: One thing you don’t want to leave at home is your confidence and when you do start winning, one thing you don’t want to have in surplus dosage is your confidence. It can easily make or break you. You have to appear confident even when you feel your opponents may have a better hand than you do, make them think that you possess what you don’t! This is the same when it comes to slots. When you are on a hot-streak, do quit or are you able to push yourselves into new levels?
  • Study your opponents: It is advised that before you sit down at a table, study your opponents and the little things they do. Understudy them, spot the habits that they engage in when they play their games and most importantly, memorize their techniques, how they react when they are winning and the little grimaces they make when things are not going so well. In some casino games this is not possible, when you for example play against a machine. But for Poker this is a great skill på have.
  • Bluff: You must be aggressive about your gameplay. This is why Phil Ivey is one of the greatest ever in the poker community. Know when to exercise restraint and know when to go all in!

With these few tips and your intelligence, you sure would be on your way to becoming a Pro player in no time! A good start to go in-depth is to buy a book and start reading on communities and post your questions. It should become a passion of yours, otherwise, it will be difficult to spend the time needed to become an expert.

NYX | Read about a famous game developer for online casinos!

You’re undoubtedly aware of the immense popularity of the world of internet gambling. While brick and mortar gambling is still highly popular – people flock towards the internet casinos. And this means that the market is open for online gambling games developers. One of the entries in the field is NYX. This is a company that has made many new inventions in internet gambling. So, if you want to learn more about it, then you have come to the right place. You can read some more about their games and where they put their focus in terms of development.

some of them feature extremely high RTPs

About NYX

NYX took the world by storm recently. This is a company that was founded only recently but it still is one of the top contenders in the field. They have recently done a merger with NextGen Gaming and the NYX Gaming Group is the result of this. But if there’s something unique about the way this company works, it’s their OGS. The OGS stands for Open Gaming System. It manages to bring together many of the top game developers of the world together. It’s an award-winning system.

Now, NYX isn’t one of the oldest names in internet gambling. It’s a new name – unlike long-standing giants Microgaming and NetEnt. And they do their best to leverage their business in order to climb to the top. And so far, their efforts have paid out.

All of the NYX products have extremely high quality. But what’s even more impressive is the way this company deals with the operators it works with. If a company strikes a deal with them, then it will feature many of their top-line iGaming products. And the list of companies that work with NYX is very big. There are more than 200 companies that work with them at the moment. And this makes NYX a leading name in the field of internet gambling.

NYX Games

NYX is the creator of some of the best games in iGaming. And this company features games in different categories. There are slot games and table games at the base. But there are also bingo and lottery games as well. The latter category offers comparatively smaller solutions and products though. Live internet gambling games aren’t really the speciality of this developer. However, recently they have struck a partnership with Extreme Live Gaming. This means that we should come to expect that there will be live games soon in their portfolio.


The range of products of this company is available in the NYX OGS portfolio. However, the main goal for this company is to make software for the casino operators. They have left the game-designing efforts to their partner in the NYX Gaming Group. If you want to see their gaming products though, you can find them in the NYX Gaming Room. This Gaming Room as it’s called offers a demo play of NYX’s games.

NYX Slots

Arguably the most important category for online iGaming developers is the slots. These are some of the most popular games to date. Well, the company has made a number of slots that are included in its portfolio. One of the best things about NYX slots is the fact that some of them feature extremely high RTPs. Some of these slots are Shopping Spree, Rockstar Riches, and Super Lucky Charm. All of the NYX slot games have great graphics and fun and novel features.

The most popular slots they have made are The Great Atlantic Quest and Dragon Kings. But this company still makes high-quality titles. It launches new games multiple times in any given year. Moreover, a great thing about the NYX slot games is that they all feature bonuses. This effectively doubles up the pleasure that the players experience while playing these games.

NYX mobile games

One of the biggest solutions that NYX has made is the Move platform. This is the platform that supports mobile gaming. All of the games that this company has made are made with HTML5 technology. And this ensures that they are compatible with many different platforms. Sure, there are some differences between the main versions of the games and the mobile versions. But these differences are minor and necessary – they won’t detract from the overall gaming experience.

NYX progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpot games are very popular among internet gamblers. This is due to the incredibly high prizes that any person can get even with the lowest bet. Sadly, NYX doesn’t put a premium on these kinds of games. This company is responsible for dishing out some of the biggest headlines in the field. But progressive jackpot games aren’t their forte.

That being said, there are still some games that you can play for progressive jackpots. Some of these games are Rock Star Riches, Beauty Salon Progressive, and Pirates Treasure Cove. These games offer good odds for winning. However, the grand prizes aren’t anyway near the progressive jackpot prizes that Microgaming and NetEnt’s games feature. But you can still feel free to give these games a try. Who knows, one day maybe you will get lucky.

In conclusion

We have mentioned some of the reasons why we think NYX is one of the leading names in iGaming. Undoubtedly, there are a whole lot more reasons that we have failed to mention. What remains to do is you to check what this company is all about. And the best way to go about it is by playing some of their games.

We have already mentioned some of the games that this company has made. They all feature exquisite graphics and great gameplay. Moreover, they feature incredibly high Return to Player rates. No matter who you are, we trust that you will have a lot of fun while playing their games. Thousands of people that play these games on a daily basis can’t all be wrong. Why don’t you see for yourself what these games are all about? We promise that you will have a lot of fun while trying out the NYX games.

Neteller – A great payment option for online casinos!

Neteller is one of the most popular and widely used payment choices for new online casinos. This e-wallet is accepted by many of them because it has such a wide reach around the world.

There are many advantages to use Netellers bank for online gambling. The speed at which deposits are processed is one of them, but there are several more. Each deposit and withdrawal made using Neteller is secure, as the highest quality encryption is used to safeguard players’ personal and financial information.

neteller payment online casinos

The start of Neteller

Since 1999, Neteller has been in the business of helping make online transactions easier for countless gamblers. To get started, all players need to do is register for an account with the site and verify their identity. They can then take advantage of Netellers feature called InstaCash. This is what allows players to quickly, easily and securely transfer money to and from any online casino account they have.

While virtually all online and mobile casinos accept it for deposits, the majority of them also accept it for withdrawals. Whether players use it for deposits, withdrawals, or both, the advantage of choosing Neteller is that no matter how many online casinos they deal with, none of them has access to a player’s bank account information. They can also use this payment option with most online sportsbooks as well. Though some do charge players a fee for doing so. However, it is easy to find online sportsbooks that don’t.

Exclusive Neteller bonuses

Though sportsbooks may not, select online casinos will actually offer their players exclusive bonuses for using Neteller as a deposit method. This alone makes it worth choosing Netellers online bank in the minds of many players.

Regardless of what players use a Neteller account for, they can rest assured that the payment provider uses the best encryption technology that exists today. That, combined with money transfers and verification of identity, makes this company’s services one of the most secure payment options in online gambling today.

Players also appreciate the fact that Neteller keeps its fees to a minimum. Aside from the above-mentioned withdrawal fee, players only have to pay a fee on their account if they go for a period of 14 months without using it. Those that actively use their account can even benefit from the loyalty program. This program rewards them for continually using their account by assigning points for each transaction made. Points can later be redeemed for perks.

Summarizing Neteller

With so many reasons to use this casino payment solution, players find it hard not to. Its safety and security, as well as its popularity among online casinos make it a popular choice for many players. Some of the top online casinos in the industry accept Neteller and even encourage their players to use it.

Its longstanding reputation of excellence has made this online payment solution among the most respected payment options for online gamblers today. The worldwide acceptance of it speaks to how effective the service is. Just as well as how much faith players and online casinos have in it. There is no doubt that Neteller is a huge success story.

Different Online Casino Offers

Just like in any other businesses, companies need to attract customers in every single way. Having a nice looking product is one thing to do. But we all know that it is a very subjective thing. What you think is good looking, probably a lot of people think looks bad. However, you can always try to do your best attracting the most customers in building something that should appeal to most people.

But what happens when this is not enough? Giving your customers an offer they can’t refuse maybe? Yes, this is a saying we have all heard many times, and many online casinos do this. Every single day of the year. There is plenty of different online casino offers out there, and we want to run some of them by you. Surely, there will always be some unique promotions from specific brands, but some promotional offers are almost always there, waiting for new players. And it might be good to know a thing or two about them before starting to gamble.

Deposit Bonus

The absolute most common casino bonus offer.  This is a bonus that often re-appear in forms of a “reload-bonus” or similar. However, you will most certainly be acquainted with it once you sign up for a new online casino. You make a deposit and get a bonus on top of this. It is almost always a percentage of your deposit. A 100% deposit bonus will give you as much extra money to play for as you first deposited. Some casinos do offer up to a 500% deposit bonus. So if you deposit €100, you will get to play for €500.

So, what’s the catch? Most often they come with a wagering requirement. This means that you need to gamble a lot to be able to withdraw your money. With a 40x wagering requirement, you have to wager all your money 40 times. Surely, if you like to play at online casinos, this won’t be an issue. But it is something that is very important to know about.

Free Spins

The second most common online casino offer is free spins. If you make a deposit, you might get a bonus on this one, along with free spins. Free Spins will un most cases be able to use on some specific slot machines. Starburst from NetEnt being one of the most common ones. You can try out the slot machine for spins that the casino hands out to you. The winnings are yours. However, the spins also often come with wagering requirements, even though some casinos hands them out without no wagering requirements.

If you want to know more about different online casino offers, continue to visit this site. We will constantly add news about this and where to find the best casino bonuses and such!

What To Look For When Choosing An Online Casino

What to Look For When Choosing an Online Casino

About to begin online casino gambling? Choosing an online casino is easier than you can ever imagine. However, there are some traits common to good online casino sites. Regarding online gambling, ensure to choose the sites that has legal back up. In the revolution of online games, selecting online casino that are legal is not difficult. There are lots of sites to gamble which were authorized by recognized regulatory bodies.

Furthermore, verification of the credentials is another important step when choosing a betting site. You will need to go through the available offers. A lot of betting sites brag about lots of offers they have on their website. But if you have interest in some unique kind of games. You will want to confirm if its readily obtainable before you place your cash on it. For online betting, selecting an online casino does not have to come to an end when you get a good site to place your bet. Rather you can enjoy the offer from numerous gaming sites with the entire internet for your use. You can also do this at once irrespective of your location.


Positive outcome with assurance in Online Casino

Before opting for an online casino, you must ensure the gambling websites adopts the best methods in terms of security and game itself. All recommended casino or poker rooms employs the same method with top banks and other financial institutions in terms of keeping record safe. This is the best way to assure your personal data, cash and payment record are secure. Additionally, choose online betting sites with certified generation of numbers at random. This makes sure all games played are fair.

Perhaps you intend to play for a particular type of game, remember to choose the one that agrees with your favourite method of transaction. The best gambling sites goes with online transaction and many others. They can also be the channel to claim your prizes.

Go after the real deal

Do you really want to have optimum gaming experience ? Did I hear you say yes. Then go for online casino that have big deals to offer. Top internet betting sites possess progressive jackpots that worths quite a fortune. You do not have to settle for less when the highest pay days are available with online casino. The biggest secret I’m willing to share with you is try to go after internet gaming sites that will instantly fill your pocket with generous bonus offers.

Win Online – A How To Guide

How To Win Online Casino 

Above all tips and trends, you may come across in 2018 online gambling tips, this online gambling tip is by far the most useful to learn how to win online casino; The web can be an incredibly helpful space but also a very misleading place. Unfortunately, if you want to know how to win online casino, you will have to filter out the bad online casino sites from the good ones. There will be shady sites with well-designed new casinos or free spin games that are based of unethical goals such as taking advantage of new users by taking quick one-off cash or contact information. The good news in 2018 online gambling tips is that there are many sites like this one that focuses on finding you the best online gambling tips and already to the filtering work for you selecting the best games out there and teach how to win online casino.
If you only use one tip, make sure it’s this: play at legit, trusted casino sites. Winning big at an online casino is only great when you can get your hands on your money. That’s why you should never play at scammy sites. For guaranteed safety, check out our list of recommended online casinos, also don’t forget to look at the top gambling tips 2018 in which we constantly update for you to test and start winning. 

Beat Online Casino

If you to beat the online casino, you must understand the game that you’re playing. science will give you an indicator of your odds and keep in mind the knowing how to win online casino isn’t about luck or superstition, instead of a number, spins cards are dealt under random number generation to make totally up to chance. Therefore, you can beat online casino game if you know well the game you re dealing with.  

Casino Games 2018

How To Filter Out The Best Casino Games Of 2018 

When searching for the best online casino games for the new year, you are at the right place at the right time. As professional gamblers ourselves, our objective is to stay up to date with the latest and greatest out there. Although we encourage innovation and smart creativity with the use of technology, we are sick and tired to have to go through all the shady sites and new casino games that keep popping up on a daily basis. This is why we have the most efficient system that will filter out the bad from the good new casino games online. The new casinos we list we update, follow rigorous selection criteria including data and feedback from real gamblers in addition to ourselves, in order to rank among the top in our site. In the New casinos 2018 list, one of our main criteria for selection is the appeal on the offers and bonuses for players. The goal is for you to make more money while having a blast. Finally, it is also worth noticing that we have built a system of projections that has proven to be spot on in 2017, in which we can predict the kind of features and offer bonuses which new casinos will have in 2018.

Help Tips In Choosing The Best Online Casino Games For 2018

Freespins can be considered as the core of casino and online casino. Regardless whether land-based casinos or online, these have been the games which players don’t feel will provide them the same fun that what they would call a real game such as poker or blackjack. Nevertheless, in 2018 free spins or slot machines will be one of the most popular casino games that exist in the industry.

In the past, gambling was reserved mostly for the higher end crowd that would have the money to purchase a plane ticket and go enjoy their favorite free spins in their favorite casino. Fast forward to 10 years from now, the presence of online casino has now changed it all. Anyone anywhere can play all kinds of free spins and new casino games they would like. In addition, in 2018 the options have increased vastly and will continue to do so, with enhanced graphics, designs and features tailoring all spectrum of the audience.

So, the question or rather challenge pops to mind. In 2018, with so much to choose from, how does one go about choosing the best free spin games there is out there? The bad news is that unless you try all the different free spin games or new casino games out there you will not be up to date with all the options that come to play. The solution is actually not browsing through games, rather searching for the sites that focus on doing the filtering of the top free spins, new casinos, or most favorable casino bonuses out there.

New Casino – Too Many Options?

New Casino – Too Many To Choose From

Today, hundreds of online casinos are available, new online casino 2018 software developments are taking a major chunk of investments. The web as we know, and especially in the 2018 projection will be a never-ending space to experiment, and this is exactly what we are seeing with the new casino game creations. The first factor causing this over creations of new casino games which we have seen in 2017 and are to continue to expect in the 2018 new casino trends is the mobile casino gaming investments. Millennials and all smartphone users have taken the market by storm and this will entail the following: new casino programming efforts increasing in terms of new features and more practical functionality tailored to appeal this new audience. The second factor we are to experience for in new casinos in 2018 is the advanced and creative design and graphics in which old casino operators did not have to emphasize as much then as the game and audience standards taking different angles in 2018.

What To Expect With New Casinos

Expect, 2018 new casinos that may have the exact same features and bonus with completely different designs. The user experience which means the study of predictive behavior for the user that developers use when building a new casino game is a factor within the design sector which is new and will continue to surprise. Be ready to be impressed on how much you enjoy playing the games in the 2018 new casino games. New casinos will be simple, yet attractive, with a highly appealing offer and bonus promotions that you enjoy watching instead of annoying you. These factors will take the spotlight in 2018 simply because of the pull of attention the smart devices have. Third factor you must pay attention to is the marketing element. Tech-savvy marketing casino gurus, nowadays with the knowledge of Data Analytics will know well who and how to target prospective gamblers. This means that new casino bonus and offers will be accurately tailored to your demand, this is a good thing as casino operators will want your loyalty will have to scrap and fight like never in 2018 which enables bonus, in all spectrum of the game; new casinos bonuses, free spin or slot amazing deals. On the other hand, it is important you are aware that in 2018 online casino predictions, there will be an increased amount of clutter on the casino bonus offers, not only in from the popular operators within casino bonus features, new casino games, free spins options, live casino but also new creative games that will make their mark is to take from, in this mysterious but promising 2018 casino game-changing year. 

Popular Free Spins 2018

Popular Free Spins to look out for in 2018

The reality is that the online casino market keeps on growing at an increasing rate and this isn’t due to stop in 2018. Players now have a humongous choice of games in which different online gaming operators continue developing which will provide more options for games. One of these games on the outlook for 2018 casino projections on most popular games for millennials and women online gamblers is the free spins games. Although, we mentioned in previous articles the competitive element between new casino and free spins game providers battling for the market. We give you an opportunity to check on facts from the latest and newest online games including new casino and free spins that have hit the market recently to stay and grow in 2018. These new casino online games will usually offer the most attractive bonuses because they want customers to become loyal to the casino.

Trendy Free Spins for 2018

As mentioned, for 2018 the smart gambler will have accounted for one of the top online casino tips for 2018 and will most likely have a preferred filtering system which allows you to fizzle out any free spin games and offers you don’t want to test from. However, what happens if you aren’t that experience or maybe you want to try a different game? The answer is “clutter”, a 70% of players that consider themselves as occasional gamblers, state they wish they had guidance to help them choose games especially free spins and new casinos that are most relevant to their style of play and avoid all the trial and error they must go through which ends up wasting their time, money and damages the overall gambling experience they look for. Considering we’re speaking about a significant percentage of gamblers, in 2018 this is something we cannot ignore and have made it our goal to; first, better inform our readers on the things they should be looking for or avoid so, such as free spins or new casino scam offers. Second, we have significantly invested in our in-house system to efficiently filter the best new casino games with the best casino Bonuses that offer what we would call an enhanced practical casino gaming approach which essentially are games developed under a User experience that tailors for a better experience. At we want to ensure our readers and new casino prospects should not put in any time in researching and filtering the good from the bad themselves. In this internet era, we understand how difficult it is to gain trust, and this will be our focus to help you in the 2018 online casino quest for the best games.