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Welcome to New Casino Offers – your go-to website to find the best bonuses and other promotions at new casino 2021 in the UK. New casinos constantly hit the market and our mission is to find the really good ones and give them to you. In our blog below, you can always read our latest news regarding everything that has with gambling to do, check it out!

Our mission with this site – and what you will gain from it

We hope that you come to visit us to find a new casino in 2021. We are specialised in the UK market and we list only licensed casinos by the UK Gambling Commission. If you are an experienced player you might just want to pick a casino from the top-list below. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more about why new casinos 2021 is the best way to start your gambling carrier.

Best New Casino Offers 2021 - The #1 Casino Comparison Guide

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Our site wouldn't be worth its name if we didn't look for online casinos that offer something special for its players.

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A safe website with all good payment solutions is something that we really value.

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To be able to appeal to as many players as possible, a good selection of various casino games is a must!

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Have fun while you are picking and playing at a new casino in 2021. Always remember to read the terms and conditions at the casinos' websites.

For how long will new casinos be popular?

new casino uk offersJust as we have been noticing for the last couple of years, the competition between new casinos in the UK has never been harder. To attract players, basically steal players, from other competitors is a big challenge. The gambling sites need to offer big bonuses, as well as nice looking websites, VIP Clubs, large game portfolio and much more. We are certain that many new casinos will still give it a try. There are still much room for improvement since the business online is kind of new. With better programmers and bigger budgets, it is possible to create new amazing casino brands in 2021 and beyond.

Playing at no account casinos

One of the most interesting things that we have noticed for the last couple of months, is the possibility at some casinos to play without an account. To connect your bank account straight to the online casino seems to be something that more and more players are looking for. We are quite certain that we will see more about this. However, from what we have seen so far among these casinos, is that there aren't too many big casino offers at them. However, when it becomes more and more popular, these brands need to be more attractive to attract new players. We expect this to result in many new no account casino offers!

new casino offers 2019

Is it really that that important to find the latest casinos?

Yes, and no, is the easy answer to that question. It all depends on what you are looking for basically. Some of the old, classic casinos and betting sites have evolved into great gambling platforms. Many of them have integrated sports betting as well as live poker and much, much more. And, to be able to be around for a long time in this business, there has to something good about it, right?

Right! Due to this, we always think that old classic sites are very safe and secure to gamble at. As well as they often offer a wide spread of different gambling. However, because of their high status, they don't really need to stand out among their competitors. Or, they already do by being a brand that has been around for a long time. They also have this huge player database, which makes them earn money without needing to get new players. A situation that all the recent new casino sites do not have at all. They have to compete in many other ways instead, to be able to win your heart!

This is why you get big new casino offers!

Exactly. So, by being able to take advantage of the tough spot that new casinos have, you can be treated a little bit better. Sure, not everyone is looking for big bonus offers. But many players are, and usually, the welcome bonus is the best one you get. And this one you only get once. Therefore, we believe the attraction of recently launched brands is so big. To be able to get the best new casino offers there are.

However, even if you don't use the bonuses, due to wagering requirements etcetera, there are other positive factors with fresh sites as well. Except by attracting new players with bonus offers, an appealing website with nice features is quite important as well. By building your own platform, or using one of the new and modern ones, a good looking website can be pretty easy. We believe this is something that players expect. This, along with nice loyalty clubs and other unique features and perks for its players, is also something that makes it interesting to check out a new gambling site. Another great point of time is to play when there is a tournament. So for example during the Euro 2020 or Afcon 2021, you can find really good welcome bonuses to new players in 2021. For betting it is a little bit easier than at the casino. But in casino, there are still great bonuses at these events.

How to find the best new casino offers in 2021

There are many different ways to find new casino sites 2021 UK. We have listed some of our absolute favourites in the United Kingdom here above. However, some comparison sites have been around for a long,  long time and due to this, they have a great number of different brands you can choose from. Some of them feature a lot of new unique ways of playing, while some are of a more classic structure.

Many players have been gambling for a long time, why a classic structure is very intuitive and user-friendly. However, we might prefer the brands that dare to stand out a bit and push the limits of what we can expect of new casinos in 2021. By reading our reviews of the different brands, you can see what the different sites offer. We also recommend that you visit Cazinova to find a new list from 2021 with the best and most innovative UK sites. The awesome list that Cazinova provides has the latest casinos with cool features and massive bonus offers, including free spins.

Once you have found your favourite, make sure to always read the terms and conditions for the bonus promotions they offer. In general, big bonuses are being offered to new players. Most of the times, they might be a bit better than what they seem. Wagering requirements and such are quite common, why we always recommend players to be a bit cautious. If you do not find what you look for, find more sites to compare. It is always best to do your research first. For more recommendations check out casinorecommender.

However, even the bonuses might be subject to some conditions, they may be a great way for you to play. We at takes advantage of the welcome bonus at most times since it gives ut a great way of playing for a long time without making to big deposits.

New Casinos 2021 in the United Kingdom

While sports have been an integral part of the life of UK residents, the most popular leisure activity inherited from the forefathers is gambling. When it comes to casino exploration, probably you’ll think of Vegas or Macau. Though the UK might not share the same popularity, today it is one of the emerging gambling industry with a net worth of £14.5 billion.

When it comes to starting your online gaming journey, no other place has it better than the UK. With some of the most liberal gambling laws over 18, the United Kingdom tends to adapt & regulate the online gambling industry rather than prohibiting it. Therefore, UK residents have a better position & protection when it comes to placing real money bets online. Read on to find out more about the thriving online gambling industry, online casino laws, casino games & much more.


Over the past few years, the gambling & online casino industry in the UK has flourished with the clear & concise laws passed in 2007. Now there is no need to avail of a membership to enter and play at a casino. While a night out at any brick-and-mortar casino is fun, online gambling is by far the most popular form of gambling in the UK. With slots or pokies being the most favourite game of the British. The high-speed internet connections & 3D graphics make your gaming experience come alive be it at home or on a train from work.

The Gambling Culture in the UK

Gambling in the United Kingdom has witnessed a rocky history. Once banned by King Henry XII, today the industry holds a strong foothold in the country. The British players have taken solace in gambling for many a century now. Gambling, back in the day, would take place as a wager on a coin gam cross & pill or three card game, Bragg. As time progressed, sports came into the mix & events like horse-racing and football attracted a lot of players to use their betting skills. It was during the 19th century, the UK casinos were formed as gaming clubs restricted to members only.

The advent of online casinos in 1996 gave punters access to hundreds of games with real money bets. Be it classic slots, blackjack, or the sophisticated baccarat & video poker, today players can try the games in demo mode & choose to play directly from web browsers accordingly without any downloads. With the transparent laws on online gambling, UK players get access to the freshest gaming content regularly.

Online Gambling Laws in the UK

You’ll be thrilled to know that online gambling in the UK is legal. The most significant & historic law of gambling in the UK is the Gambling Act of 2005. Taking over the responsibilities from the Gaming Board for Great Britain, it took online gambling under its wing. Additionally, in 2013, it took over the National Lottery from the National Lottery Commission.

The Gambling Act gave power to the Gambling Commission to issue licenses to gambling operators & impose or revoke licenses if necessary. Once a license is issued to the operator, they are regularly monitored by independent authorities to ensure they stick to the compliance.  Besides, the act also ensures gambling to be conducted in a fair & open way. Doesn't matter how legit an online casino looks, if it doesn't hold a valid UKGC license, there are more chances of scams. Apart from UKGC, players can also look out for the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), Cyprus Gaming Commission (CGC), and Gibraltar Betting & Gaming Authority based European casino regulators. By moving ahead with time, the UK casinos dominate the world market.

Taxation on Winnings

All due to the country’s friendly online gambling laws, the UK players have a variety of options when it comes to game providers. While online gambling is legal in the United Kingdom, players do not need to pay any taxes on winnings or need any license to play. However, professional gamblers are not exempted from taxes. The gaming operators must pay a tax of 15% on all profits from the UK services while adhering to the codes of practices. Besides the sheer amount of revenue the gambling industry generates for the Government, even Queen Elizabeth II of the UK loves a good horse race.

Popular Casino Games

While slots continue to be the favorites of the British, the oldest popular form of gambling in the UK is the National Lottery. Today online lotteries players need to do is register, choose your lucky number & wait for the results. Another popular casino game is Jackpots. Be it progressive jackpot or plain jackpot, you can win big with real action. Gaining momentum day by day is the Live Casinos. Ideal for players who prefer a human dealer over an RNG, the live casinos are reserved for table games like blackjack & roulette. Live Casino is fun with robust-graphics & live dealers.

UK-Friendly Casino Payment Methods

If you’re keen on gambling in the United Kingdom, the players have a broad range of banking options on hand. Most of the licensed real money online casinos accept payments in British Pound Sterling (GBP), along with USD & EUR as standard. The online casinos accept hassle-free payments via debit cards, e-wallets & prepaid vouchers. The end-to-end encryption payment gateway provides the safest & secure transactions.

Future of Online Gambling in the UK

The country's liberal attitude & forward-thinking makes it a paradise for online players. The well-regulated & licensed gambling industry in the UK thrives because of its clear framework for hosting games & making bets. While traditional payments continue to be the most sought-after banking option, cryptocurrencies will continue to dominate the gaming industry in 2021. Another great invention is Virtual Reality (VR), which provides a surreal & intense casino experience at your comfort. VR provides bettors to live the experience of playing in a casino & bet on the traditional games without stepping out of their homes.


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New UK casinos constantly hit the market and it is basically our mission to find the very good ones and serve them to you on a platter. Furthermore, we ensure that we provide you with limitless information from the world of online gambling so that you can get the best services possible and optimum return on investment. In our blog above, we also provide you with the latest news and reviews of gambling sites and any other information you may need regarding UK online casinos.

Since we are halfway gone in 2021, we want to ensure that the latter part of the year is rewarding for you in all ramifications and that is why we are providing you with the best information possible for your entertainment. Remember to check back often, and we promise to give you the best casino offers for the rest of 2021!

New Casino 2021 UK

With the approaching new year, the world of online gambling is about to get hotter. In the coming months, we will research the best new casino 2021 launches and be ready when the time comes. You can be sure that 2021 is the best time for you to get serious entertainment and make some money too, from new online casinos in the UK.

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